"Willow is an amazing intuitive who brings her gifts and talents into the arena in service of both the client and the horse. Her energetic read on what unfolds in a session will leave you with insights that will be life changing."
Linda R
"Pure unconditional love and support wrapped around me like a soft, warm blanket -- that's what it feels like to be coached by Willow. Her knack for guiding a client to find their own personal truth is unbelievable."
Melinda M
"Willow Vetch is one of those rare & remarkable human beings you meet once in a lifetime. In her coaching profession, she has combined horsemanship and healing in such a profound way that if you are lucky enough to be her pupil, your potential for growth and change is exponential."
"Equus Coaching with Willow has been absolutely pivotal in my personal progression. The sessions have been exceptionally powerful in its realisations and breakthroughs, yet held in such a nurturing and supportive space. I was given everything I needed to feel comfortable, allowing myself to be vulnerable and dig deep to where change could occur. Absolutely a blessing and an incredible experience and I am now making Equus a regular part of my progression, as I absolutely see it as a beautifully functional and priceless way to accelerate my growth. Willow is extremely skilled at facilitating my blossoming and fully stepping into being all I was created to be. So very grateful to have this in my life and everyone should try this."
"Working with willow and the horses in this style of Equus coaching has been amazing. I have been able to transfer these awarenesses into my every day life and when I'm not being the "eye of the storm" to recognise that and return to that amazing space. Creating my life has never been sooooo much fun! Thank you Willow and your amazing Equus team."
"Equus coaching with Willow was an amazing and powerful experience. From laughter to tears, from light bulb moments to break throughs. You will experience every emotion to take you to a new level, all the while being lovingly supported and given the space to do this in your own time. A beautiful experience, thank you."
"Equus coaching with Willow is an experience that you do not want to miss. She has the ability to hold such a safe space for people to transform while enjoying the fun interactions with the horses. These sessions help you to see anything that may be blocking you and then shift that energy very easily and organically. Very empowering and so much fun!!"