It's Not About Your Horse; is a series of workshop & private or small group offerings, aimed toward people who want to deepen their relationship with their own horse, or with horses in general.

This experience is offered to people who have previous experience with horses, no matter how large or small. You can work with your own horse, or a horse will be provided for you, and it is all groundwork (some exceptions may apply).

This is not about training the horse, it is simply an opportunity for the horse to begin to guide you into a new relationship with them, and with yourself. This is also not about training you, its an exploratory journey with the capacity to reveal deep personal insights and freedom.

This is a truly unique and transformative way to begin to view and work with horses, with many and varied benefits. Horses offer great wisdom, about ourselves and the world we live in, if we choose to listen.

I'd like to invite you to join with me and explore what they have to share with you!

Questions and Answers

What is this clinic about?

Horses offer great wisdom, about ourselves and the world we live in. By now, many of you will have heard the famous saying “your horse is the mirror to your soul” but do you know what that really means and why it may be helpful not just to understand but also experience? Join Willow in this clinic and you will gain incredible insight about what this really means.

The clinic is an opportunity to experience something completely different, there is nothing like this being offered by anyone else in the world. It has a completely unique format and provides individual and practical content. It is offered to those curious about taking their journey and relationship with horses to the next level. However, it is not designed to train the horses, and equally it is not designed to train you.

International clinician and equine specialist, Willow Vetch, does not intend to ‘teach’ anyone to do anything. This is simply an opportunity for discovery and a chance to learn about yourself and your horse in a new way. A way determined by you, in a way that speaks to you, and in a way that is completely unique and individual to you.

Attend this clinic and you will learn why “it’s not about your horse” and discover a truly unique and transformative way to work with and view horses.

Who is Willow Vetch?

Willow Vetch is an international clinician, specialist equine consultant, intuitive, life coach and bio-resonance therapist from Australia. She works with clients and horses all over the world. Her client list includes Olympic and World Champion horses, multiple royal families in the Middle East and individual horses and their owners. She is passionate about sharing her work and talent with anyone keen to listen and learn from horses and their valuable wisdom. Are you curious and keen to learn more? Read on!

“The clinic was effective in creating a powerful shift from what I “think” is the source of struggle and resistance to what truly is. Connection, trust, authenticity, self-love and acceptance ~ they can all be found right here in the barn.” --- Kendra

What to expect? What is the clinic structure?

Participants can expect an individual experience and plenty of support and compassion, there is also plenty of room for emotions - including laughter and joy!

Each clinic is specifically designed to suit the group that attends, so the format may not always be the same. However, there is a general structure. After introductions and a short opening writing activity, each participant is given a page of information to read. This is information Willow has intuited from a photo of the participant’s horse (a week prior to the clinic) and the aim is to open up a new conversation within the relationship between the participant and their horse. If some participants feel comfortable, they are encouraged to share what they have received, and after this has been discussed we move onto the experiential aspects of the clinic.

The remainder of the morning is spent working in one-on-one sessions (one participant and their horse) in the roundpen, with Willow coaching. Then, there is a break for lunch. The afternoon is a group activity where participants will be placed in groups from 2-6 people and work with a horse to create some team dynamics and experiences. This is great way to explore our relationship with horses we are unfamiliar with, and also notice what is revealed about ourselves in this situation and the way we relate to other people. The final hour of the day is spent de-briefing and answering any questions, there are important elements covered which help to bring the clinic to conclusion.

What is an intuitive reading and how is it possible from a photo?

An intuitive is someone who can read energy. An intuitive reading is when that focus or ability is placed on a particular individual, animal, or partnership for a specific purpose such as healing, to develop a greater understanding, or personal and spiritual growth. Permission is always requested and granted before any readings are undertaken. The scientific process that allows for energy to be read at a distance is called Quantum Entanglement.

If this is an area that interests you, you could begin to look into Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Physics. These are both fields that Willow has studied and uses a great deal in her work and personal life. Movies such as ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ and ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ are a great place to start.

Why is a reading helpful?

A reading is helpful to uncover underlying patterns that exist within the partnership between you and your horse. Willow also gains personal insight and helpful information from the reading which helps determine the health and suitability for the partnership within the context of this clinic. There has only been one horse which Willow ascertained was not physically capable of attending the clinic, and the owner was not surprised when Willow suggested she come alone and work with another horse at the facility. This is done for the horses welfare, and to respect that they also have a voice in whether they attend and support the clinic or not.

What are some of the topics covered in the clinic?

Each group is different, and each has an Intelligence that guides the individuals who have come together to learn from each other. Willow honors this greater message, and generally follows the guidance and the direction that is created by the group as a whole. That said, there are common and re-occurring themes that come to light during clinics including:

1. You are the source of your experience.

2. Developing feel - where does it come from and what does it mean to you? 3. Presence and connection

4. Leadership

5. Balance of feminine (passive) and masculine (active) expressions

6. Emotional expression vs repression

7. Aggressive vs assertive energy

8. The power of story

Who would benefit from taking the clinic?

Anyone who is looking for a challenge, something new or has questions that are not being fully answered in their explorations to date. Willow has helped both men and women, young and seasoned who want a deeper relationship with their horse and the people surrounding them. Some find this work helps their personal relationships, others find it helps their professional endeavors, and most find it helps in many facets of their life, in and out of the arena.

Will there be auditors?

No auditors will be invited at this time. It is a participant-only event. This work can be deeply vulnerable and emotional. Therefore, the most important priority is the safety and security of the participants. Willow has held clinics with auditors, and some without, and in her humble opinion, energetically the integrity is much deeper and more intense and open when everyone has equal ‘skin in the game.’

What level of horse experience/expertise is required?

Any level of horse experience and expertise is suitable.

Are there groundwork and ridden components to the clinic?

Currently the clinics are groundwork only, Willow does offer ridden sessions, but at this time they are by private session only. In the future Willow will be offering a two day clinic, where the first day is groundwork and the second day will include a ridden component. Please let Willow Vetch or Linda Riedman know if this future event would be of interest to you.

Am I required to bring my own horse?

No. Participants are welcome to bring their own horse. However, if you don’t have the option to travel your horse, you can still participate. You will receive a reading for you and your horse partnership and a different horse will be provided for you to work with on the day/s you attend the clinic. Willow wants to let you know that there is equal advantage to coming alone, or bringing your own horse, and she encourages people to try both and notice what shows up!

Will I be working with my own horse and/or other horses as well?

Willow does like to ask people to consider working with other horses, even if they have decided to bring their own, and certainly within the group activities there is simply not time for everyone to have the chance to work with their own horse. In an individual setting there are many other reasons for this too, and the simplest one is that Willow wants to offer you the best use of your time and her skill and ability to help you. Sometimes in the timeframe of a clinic setting, this can be achieved quicker when working with another horse. Willow wants to offer you the chance to ‘experience’ something, and this may not be possible in minimal timeframe depending on what issue shows up on the day.

Will other people be working with my horse?

Willow asks each participant if they would be open to having someone else work with their horse. It is completely their choice. Having the opportunity for people to work with different horses is especially helpful, as like people, horses have tendencies or strengths and weakness, and Willow would like to offer each attendee the experience that will serve them best. Sometimes one horse will facilitate this in a way that another, or their own, simply cannot on the day or in the limited time frame of a one day clinic.

Are all disciplines and breeds of horse welcome?

Yes, all disciplines and breeds of horse are welcome! In fact diversity is encouraged and celebrated. We each have so much to learn from one another, and other horses, so this is a great way to open up new areas for growth.

Are ‘problem’ horses welcome?

Yes, anyone who is having a particular and reoccurring problem with their horse is welcome to attend and bring their horse.

What is the clinic cost?

Currently, the cost is a *reduced (introductory) rate of $250 per day, per person (typically 9am – 5pm) and includes lunch. Participants can choose to attend one or two days.

*In exchange for the reduced rate, we ask that each participant email this PDF to three people who might be interested in attending a clinic and copy Linda and Willow on the email. Participants can do this after they have experienced the clinic themselves and Linda will send you an email the following day to forward to three people.

Are you interested in hosting Willow’s clinic at your facility?

Facility requirements:

  • Undercover roundpen of 50-60ft
  • Undercover fenced arena (min) 80 x 40m
  • Undercover area for lunch and group discussions

  • Questions? Contacts:

    If you have any specific questions or information to share prior to an event, please don’t hesitate to contact Willow Vetch, Linda Riedman, or Michele Tardini for further clarification.

    Willow Vetch (Lead facilitator, based in Adelaide, South Australia) Text/Call: +61 428 844 226


    Linda Riedman (Assistant, based in Silverton, Oregon, USA) Text/Call: 503-267-8373


    Michele Tardini

    Promotions in Victoria, Australia Text/Call: 0402 303 899