• Unbridle Your Power is a psychotherapy and education service partnering people with animals and horses for therapeutic and learning purposes.
  • The experience ideally offers clients an opportunity for experiential learning with a trauma informed, non-judgemental, unconditionally accepting and emotionally regulated animal or equine (horse) partner and facilitator.
  • This service is supported by certified and experienced animal assisted practitioners in a physically safe and secure environment with a proven therapeutic process backed up by human social science research.
  • The evidence collected from animal support services and equine assisted therapy research suggests high rates of success particularly in cases of Post Traumatic Stress, Complex Trauma, Depression and Anxiety.
  • Animal assisted support services compliment talk and body based therapies with experiential learning and nature based components.

~ Animal Assisted Services Training ~

Certification & Facilitator training online and in person Oakbank, South Australia

**Spring 2024 Training - applications open now**



 ~ Equine Partnered Therapeutic Process™ ~

Advanced Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning Program

Certification & Facilitator training online and in person - Oakbank, South Australia

**Spring 2024 Training - applications open now**



Come and watch the process in action, ask questions, experience this unique program.

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Willow Vetch is the founder of Unbridle Your Power and creator of the unique Equine Partnered Therapeutic Process™ (EPTP™) and the Equine Partnered Therapeutic Experience™ (EPTE™) she has been featured in “Top ten places in the world to experience Equine Therapy”, presented at multiple International Equine Summits, and supported both Qatar and Australian national teams during World Equestrian Games events 2007 - 2024.

·       Willow is a member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (P.A.C.F.A.) with 14+ years in private practice, and has expertise in three ‘alternate intervention’ fields of psychotherapy and learning services: Animal-Assisted Therapy, Process Oriented Psychology, and Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy.

·       Willow has practical psychotherapy, teaching and supervision experience in these specialties, supported by extensive acadmic postgraduate education: ‘Trauma-Informed ‘Process-work’ Psychotherapy’ (Grad. Dip. (2 yr full-time)) and ‘Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy (Holistic Practice)’ (2 yr full-time).

·       Willow received specialised training (Master Facilitator) in the U.S.A. with Koelle Simpson to incorporate horses into Human Health care and learning services, 2014-2017, and has also completed post-graduate research in this experiential field of psychotherapy in Australia, 2021.

Willow is passionate about personal growth through equine experiences because partnering with horses in a therapeutic way creates positive physiological change in the body and offers the mind a safe, supportive, non-judgemental experience of acceptance. She believes that free from the conditioning of "right" and "wrong" concepts we are all more easily able to access embodied personal experiences of safety, security and belonging. Willow is inspired by what is possible when we partner with horses, and is a keen student herself in order to remain open and willing to learn. 

Please contact Willow Vetch on 0428 844 226 or for more information.


Adelaide, South Australia.

Portland, Oregon, USA.


Willow has worked on, or is working on, community projects/grant proposals with the following organisations;

Uni SA

Flinders University

KIDS Foundation




Adelaide City Council

SA Health

SA Mental Health Commission

Mount Barker Council

ThoroughCARE SA


Fay Fuller Foundation

Invictus Pathways Program

Wellbeing SA


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