Specialist equine professional, life coach, intuitive consultant and bio-resonance therapist

Explore the World Through Horses!

Willow offers her unique perspective on how we can deepen connection, build community and begin to listen for the subtle guidance available to us at every moment

Available Workshops

Unbridle Your Power

Suitable for everyone
Self awareness through Equine activities. Self development explored through themes such as boundaries, leadership, communication, presence, connection and partnership.

It's not about the horse

Suitable for horse people and their own horses, or, any person curious and interested in horses.
This work is not about training the horse, this is also not about training you. It's an opportunity to explore and deepen, connection and communication with yourself and horses.

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Suitable for everyone.
Aimed toward people who want to explore energy, the language of horses. Willow teams up with another talented Intuitive Consultant and Medium to offer personal readings, with the horses inviting a physical experience of how energy moves through us and the world we live in.

Willow Vetch is an equine professional, life coach and intuitive consultant.

She works with a wide range of clients, all over the world, including those at Olympic level, multiple Royal Families in the Middle East, individual horse owners and pleasure riders. Willow also works with people who don't have a background or familiarity with horses but who just want to learn from Equus wisdom.

Her passion is sharing the unique insights she has gained from her own life and her equine partnerships and pursuits, plus her rare and valuable intuitive insights. The focus of her work is offering committed and curious individuals the opportunity to greater understand communication, connection and authenticity within partnerships and life.

Willow is also an alternative health practitioner, trained in bio-resonance therapy, treating all types of illness and injury, specialising in difficult and/or euthanasia cases. Her work is one of a kind, highly skilled and wholistic in nature, she is extremely passionate and loves sharing her experiences and knowledge with others.