Willow Vetch is the founder of Unbridle Your Power and creator of the unique Equine Partnered Therapeutic Process™ (EPTP™) and the Equine Partnered Therapeutic Experience™ (EPTE™) she has been featured in Fodors.com “Top ten places in the world to experience Equine Therapy”, presented at multiple International Equine Summits, and supported both Qatar and Australian national teams during World Equestrian Games events 2007 - 2019.

Willow is passionate about personal growth through equine experiences because partnering with horses in a therapeutic way creates positive physiological change in the body and offers the mind a safe, supportive, non-judgemental experience of acceptance. She believes that free from the conditioning of "right" and "wrong" concepts we are all more easily able to access embodied personal experiences of safety, security and belonging.

Willow is inspired by what is possible when we partner with horses, and is a keen student herself in order to remain open and willing to learn. She studied and worked with Koelle Simpson from 2014-2018 (USA) and is currently in a graduate program for Trauma Informed Processwork Psychotherapy with Pathways Psychology Institute, Sydney.

Willow has worked on, or is working on, community projects/grant proposals with the following organisations;

  • Uni SA
  • YMCA
  • PASA
  • Adelaide City Council
  • SA Health
  • SA Mental Health Commission
  • Mount Barker Council
  • ThoroughCARE SA
  • DVA
  • Fay Fuller Foundation
  • Invictus Pathways Program
  • Wellbeing SA

Please contact Willow Vetch on 0428 844 226 or willowvetch@gmail.com for more information.

Locations currently available; Adelaide, South Australia. Melbourne, Victoria. Sydney, NSW. Portland, Oregon.



  • Your session will be supported by an internationally certified and experienced person, specifically educated in the field of equine facilitation.
  • Your session will be supported by someone who has completed 4+ years of full time rigorous in person study, with training and teaching components, in the USA.
  • Your session will be supported by someone who has qualifications and training in both life coaching and trauma informed therapeutic psychotherapy.
  • Non pathologizing language 
  • Trauma informed care and consideration
  • An environment free of labels (such as "prey", "predator", "disorder, "disease") 
  • Genuine mutual experiences with horses as partners
  • Be seen, heard, understood, belong
  • Freedom to explore whatever interests you
  • Freedom to create your own relationships with horses, and yourself
  • Freedom to be yourself and express your own needs
  • Freedom to ask for what you want
  • Freedom to decline to participate in any offering or suggestion
  • Freedom to shape the session to serve your own intentions and desires
  • A chance to experience powerful and genuine partnership with authentic connection at the core



  • Task focused horsemanship based activities
  • False claims or mis-representation of what equine therapy is and/or how and why it works
  • False claims or mis-representation of equine therapy training/qualifications and skill levels
  • An equine therapy experience where the facilitator has no training in the equine facilitated or therapeutic field at all, or less than one years worth of training in those fields
  • The use of language and labels such as "prey" and "predator" or "disorder" or "disease"
  • Pathologizing of horses or people 
  • A step by step lesson structure with pre-arranged activities for you to work through and complete within a set timeframe
  • A schedule or list of things you "have" to do or "accomplish" during the session
  • Pressure to achieve an external objective during the session
  • An experience of needing to be anything other than who you are in that moment
  • Opportunities to control, coerce or dominate yourself, another person or a horse
  • The need to control your emotions, be strong or be small in order to "fit in" and "get along"